April Meeting 4/14/19

Kristine Brown
Nanci McKoy
Bekah Getz
Kathryn Chapman
Kitty Chapline
Sarah A.

Finances: we have earned a whole 5¢ from dividends.

Monthly Planner Project Updates:

Sarah A. Will be working on January – Culinary Sage and Amanda J. will be tackling December – Pine.

Nanci has volunteered to start looking for publishers.
Kathryn will be proofreading.
Bekah will be editing and compiling.

Please use the template file that is posted to the page here and reupload it for compilation.

We’re wanting this calendar to be about 5″x7″ and we’re also wanting to add a glossary of herbal terms too it as well.
We’ll be looking to print about 250-300 planners in case anyone else is looking into print shops.

Holistic Living Guide:
We’re wanting to create a holistic living resource guide for the St. Louis area. The idea is similar to that of SoIL’s, but more targeted for our area. More details to come.

Matthew Wood Update:

The selected date for Matthew Wood to visit us is July 20 & 21! The chosen class is the muscular and skeletal system. More to come on tickets and location as they come.

HerbDay 2020 Updates:

It has been decided that it’ll be free to the public, vendor fee’s will be $50, and we’re looking into creating sponsorship levels for the event.

Also a document has been started on the FB group page here to start keeping track of potential costs. Things like presenters pay, insurance, site fees, other programs, food, etc.

There is another doc. started for Vendors, as well as for the Kids Zone, and Sponsorship Levels

So far the schedule layout is as follows.

  • 1hr class with 30 minute breaks in between classes.
  • There will be a keynote speaker
  • 3 sessions

Stayed tuned for more updates to all projects and upcoming events!

March Meeting – 3/17/19

Kristine (President)
Nancy (Treasurer)
Kathryn (stand in Secretary)


The minutes from the February meeting were not available, but Kristine looked at them online and highlighted the topics we covered: Matthew Wood, Officer Nominations Work Day, Fundraising/Weekly Planner, Herb Day 2020

There were no nominations of officers made online as was the plan. The result is that the current officers will remain in their positions for another year.
There is $1498 in the account. This money was earned through the hard work of members. They made product and attended numerous events at which our guild was promoted and product was sold. The funds are intended to pay for guest speakers in the future.
Kristine has had a challenging time communicating with Matthew Wood. He did present her with a number of days throughout the year that he will be available. She is still seeking pricing info and type of event specifics. More to come on this stay tuned to future minutes….
A suggestion was made that we add a part to our webpage that would list area teachers. This will help promote both herbalism and local teachers. A paper was passed around to gather teaching topics taught by the members who were present. If you teach on herbal topics even if the use of the herbs is non-medicinal (ex: weaving, plant dying) please send your information to katchapman376@gmail.com and I will continue to compile the list and have it ready at a future meeting (ideally April).
We are still discussing the creation of a logo. A few of our members have presented some ideas and the process is ongoing. I imagine some new examples will be presented in the near future. If you have something you’d like to submit for consideration, please get it to an officer or attend the next meeting and share.
One current idea plays on the arch and the confluence. There would be a willow in the shape of an arch and the roots would create the image of the river confluence. Other herbs may be a part of this also and it has been suggested we stick with Native or weedy plants and avoid endangered.

C did some leg work and had examples of t-shirts that were full color and covered with designs along with current pricing for the shirts. At this time, the high number would make them cost prohibitive for resale, but they may be something members order for personal use (no specific design has been chosen).
More discussion took place about the size and characteristics of logo design and shirt design in relation to cost and style. Bags, pins, stickers, and bookmarks were also discussed. If you have details on a company that officer or at a future meeting.

Weekly Planner
There are still two herbs that need to be claimed by someone; January – Sage and December – Pine. Rough drafts for the perpetual calendar will be due at the next meeting in April.
Venue Possibilities
C presented Little Creek which is part of the Fergeson School District. It offers 97 acres of outdoor education facility with buildings and includes trails and ponds. It may cost as little as $75 ($25 for site+$25 to for staff to open+$25 for staff to close) but there are some pricing aspects that were not clear also we would still need catering. Eric Hadley is the contact there.
Todd Hall Retreat Center Has a variety of conference rooms to choose from and meals are provided. The price begins at $225 per day (before adding in meals)
Crystal suggested Camp Torqua near Edwardsville. It is a Girl scout camp has many lecture spaces and woodlands. We still need pricing info.
Audobon across the bridge from Alton which is $60 per hour to rent. This exceeds the envisioned budget
Shaw Arboretum although this location is not as local or centralized as desired.
Powder Valley – about 20 minutes from St. Louis in the Kirkwood area
The Colllege School – In Pacific, MO is very eco minded. Crystal will be teaching there and will gather more info about possible use by the guild.
Nancy and C will visit some of the other venues and do recon. If you have a thought on an event space that would hold 100 people, be in the St. Louis area either side of the river and provide places for plant walks as well as classes, please get pricing and other pertinent information and share with the guild.

It has been decided that Herb Day 2020 is about promoting herbalists in our local area so we the guild members will be teaching either solo or members can work together if safety in numbers makes them more comfortable. A long discussion occurred regarding Herbalists of Color (HOC) and including them in our event. This is a very sensitive issue and many are only beginning to learn of the various ways in which the topic of herbs and POC as well as native cultures have been impacted. I cannot do the topic justice in a short blurb. It includes appropriation, “token” POC invitations, agency and so much more. The agreement is that all herbalists are welcome to join are guild, no one is required to be an AHG member. Guild members will teach at this herb day and we will be inviting an HOC, Dr Rosa Kincaid, to be our keynote speaker. She is from the St. Louis area, and naturopath, and has written a book.
Alex asked about doing booths at Farmers Markets. It was reviewed that event booths have been done in the past, but it was usually the same people always making the product and attending the events. These things can be hard because we are all busy. If a member wants to do an event, That member needs to “own” the responsibility of making/gathering needed product and covering the space for the event.
The April meeting will be April 14th in Pontoon Beach. Look to our Meetup page for address info.
The May meeting will be in Kampsville at the McCully Heritage Project. We are doing a work day to help in the removal of invasive species. There will also be a presentation on the farming of mushrooms. In particular there will be information shared on growing and using Reishi mushrooms. If you have any info to share about this topic, you are welcome to do so. Michelle the director at MHP has created a shiitake farm and last year added some Reishi in conjunction with Kathryn Chapman. The plan was to do a workshop that didn’t happen for health reasons. There are inoculated logs available for purchase as part of this presentation. Price will be posted online when details are confirmed.
The October retreat at McCully Heritage Project has also been confirmed for the 19-20th. There is room in the cabin/house for up to 6 adults if they are willing to share beds otherwise, there is ample ground for tent camping.

Has great kombucha and great food check them out!

February Meeting – 2/17/19

Kristine B.
Bekah G.
Nanci M.
Belinda S.
Kathryn C.
Catherine C.
Jaden B.

First things first we’ll be emailing out to everyone on our contacts list, a copy of the contacts list. If you’d like to be added to this please DM Kristine by February 28th.

Thanks to Marc our website has been renewed for the year!

We’re still waiting to hear back from Matthew Wood about coming to the area for a class.

Nominations for Guild Chapter Officers will be posted by March 1st. In a separate post to the Facebook group after this, the positions will be defined and explained. Then below you can nominate yourself or another for a position. Positions will then be decided at the March meeting.

The May work day at the McCully Heritage Site is official now! We’re still awaiting confirmation for the dates in October.

A couple of other ideas for fundraising were discussed, Coloring Postcards and even the idea of an herbal puzzle.

Weekly Planner Updates

It’s been decided that it will be a perpetual calendar covering beginner herbs. Each month covers a different plant. Each week will have a different information section per week.
Week 1 – four photos of the plant
Week 2 – monograph, common name, botanical name, energetics, family name, constituents, actions, a brief summary and cautions if any.
Week 3 – Cultivation, harvest, location, and botanical description.
Week 4 – recipes
Week 5 – a place for personal stories about your interactions with the particular plant.

So far we still need five people to volunteer to work on a plant of the month. The ones with question marks behind them are still up for grabs. If you’re interested comment below and I’ll update the list as the spots are filled.
January – Culinary Sage ?
February – Garlic – Kristine
March – Chickweed – Catherine
April – Violet – Kathryn C.
May – Dandelion ?
June – Plantain ?
July – Spearmint ?
August – Goldenrod – Nanci
September – Tulsi – Belinda
October – Turkey Tail – Bekah
November – Rosehip – C
December – Pine ?

Each herbal project that someone takes on should be ready by the April meeting. If you have photos to share of the particular plants for someone to use you can post them to the Facebook page here.

Herb Day 2020 Summit

We’re pressing forward with planning for an herbal summit on Herb Day 2020. (May 2, 2020) It’s still in the planning phase so we need your help with find a location! Plan for 100 people, somewhere within an hour or less of the St. Louis area. We need trails for plant walks, good food options (organic, veg friendly, etc.). As of right now the start time is set for 9am for registration and then 10am for the actual summit.
We also need ideas for classes! What would you want out of an herbal summit like this? If you like teaching, what would you like to teach?

We’ll post another couple of thread in a bit to keep the Planner and Summit discussions separate and organized.

Let me know if I’ve forgotten anything! Thank you all!

Bekah (KnightShade93)

January 2019 Meeting Minutes

Attendees –
Kristine B.
Bekah G.
Nanci M.
Sarah A.
Alex B.
Kathryn C.
Catherine C.
Belinda S.

Goals for 2019-

We’d like to bring in a speaker or two this year if possible. Current idea for a guest speaker is Matthew Wood. If anyone has anyone else they’d suggest we’re open to it!

Fundraising Ideas –

We’re planning for a one day herbal summit for Herb Day (May 2) 2020. Details will be released as things are decided. There is also a potential a mid Missouri herbal conference in collaboration with the Herbalists Without Borders chapter in Kansas City. Also a calendar for 2020 is in the works. Along with the calendar would be an herb of the month. Each month will have a different medicinal plant native to Missouri & Illinois with a discription for each, either a drawing or a photograph, and a recipe using that herb. Plans are to have this planner ready and rolling by June 2019. The goal is by the February meeting to have a list of plants decided on.

Also by the February meeting, logo designs! If you’re artsy and would like to help come up with a logo for our local guild please have it ready by then. Our full name is The Gateway Confluence Herbalist Guild if that helps inspire any. With the logo we’re hoping to make some T-shirts and possibly collaborate with Andrea of Boomerang Bags to make some awesome tote bags! Our signature Spearmint, Orange, & Rosemary scented Confluence Soap will be revived as well! Also we’ll be rolling out business cards and posters in the near future.

Future Meeting Ideas –

A camping trip to the McCully Heritage Site has been tentative planned for October 19 & 20, 2019. Again more details to follow as plans are officially made. The May guild meeting is planned to meet at the same site for a work day and a plant walk.

Other ideas for guild meeting are at Shaw Nature Reserve and Hillcrest Heirlooms for a work day building an herb garden. We are always open to more ideas!

We’re also going to start an Instagram account for the guild! If there’s any content you’d like to see on it or have photos to share let us know!

Key points –
– Planner design & logo design next meeting
– February meeting is at Belinda’s house, more info on our Meetup page.
– March 12th meeting is at Confluence Kombucha, again more info on the Meetup page.
– April 14th Meeting is in Pontoon Beach, more details on our Meetup page
– May 19th meeting is at McCully Heritage Site, more details on the Meetup page. Planning to meet at the site by 11am.

February 19th, 2018 Meeting Notes


Kristine – President

Amanda – Vice President

Nanci – Treasurer

Bekah – Member

Sharon – Non-Member

Sarah – Non-Member


It’s that time! Time to vote for officers for the year! We’re looking for nominees for the rolls of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The idea of rolling the positions of VP and Secretary into one position called VP-Sec was discussed. To nominate yourself or a friend, you must first be a registered member of the AHG. If you are! Proceed to our Facebook Group page, Gateway Confluence Chapter of the AHG, or email nominations to amanda.canete87@gmail.com. We’ll have one week to nominate and one week to vote!

In other news, we’ve decided to pass on events this year. We’ll be bringing in guest speakers and focusing on bolstering our ranks! So far Lisa Rose has agreed to teach a class but the time and date are still being worked out. Check back for updates!

Also with regards to guest speakers, Active Members have the perk of attending for free. Active, here, being defined as having attended 5 meetings in the last year or have participated in 5 activities; volunteering for events, product making for events, or hosting meetings. Non-Active AHG Members will have a reduced price.

Next month on March 19th, we’ll be doing an herbal gift exchange to honor the coming of Spring! Please RSVP on MeetUp (link at the top of the page) by March 5th, 2018 so everyone can see how much product to make to be sure everyone gets something to take home and enjoy! You can make soap, bath bombs, scrubs, lotions, potions, balms, tea blends, infused honey, and the like.

An idea for income for the guild was discussed about making a deck of flash cards with local medicinal plants. The front would be a photograph of the plant and the back would have a bit of information and possibly a recipe utilizing that plant. Again more information on that as the details are worked out.

More to come here as the year carries on!