Confluence Herbal Summit

Our first raffle and table at the Confluence Herbal Summit was a huge success!

A huge thank you to Andrea for all her work in setting up the booth, making a sign and manning the booth. A huge thanks also to everyone who donated for the first basket!

The basket and booth raised over $260! Considering there were only about 60 people at the summit, that was an amazing sum. The Earth Day event will have a much larger crowd so the potential for raising a lot more is there.

On Saturday, April 16 she is doing it all over again at the Nature Institute’s Earth Day event. If you would be inclined to donate items to another raffle basket and/or items to sell at the AHG booth, please bring them to the meeting on Wednesday night.

Andrea has also put together an educational demonstration for the booth to teach the public about herbs. If anyone else would like to join her for the day, that would be great. Unfortunately, I will be out of town so I cannot.

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