July 23 Chapter Meeting Notes

Members present:
Kristine Brown – president, AHG general member
Nancy McCoy – AHG general member
Kathryn Chapman – AHG student member

Amanda Canete of Elements Herbology has generously offered to donate a ticket to the weekend immersion with our AHG professional member Leslie Alexander. If you are interested in a chance for this ticket, you can purchase tickets through Amanda at her shop. Tickets for the raffle are $2 each or 3 for $5. You must sign up for the raffle by Friday, July 29 to be included in the raffle. This is a $225 value. Amanda’s store will cover any remaining costs for the raffle out of her store’s account. For more information and to sign up, call (636) 493-9364 or visit the store at 700 S Main St, St Charles, MO 63301 (open today, 12 – 5 and Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm.

Today we explored essential oil scent combinations to make a signature blend for a soap for the AHG booth fundraisers.

We worked through 5 different combinations:

#1 Cedar Himalyan 2 gtt, Cardamom 3 gtt, White Grapefruit (Mexico) 3 gtt – we found this combination to be pleasing

#2 Ylang Ylang Complete 4 gtt, Myrrh 1 gtt – we found this combination to be horrible

#3 Lime 10 gtt, Ocimum basilicum – France 3 gtt – we found this combination to not be pleasing

#4 Tagetes 2 gtt, Litsea cubeba 4 gtt – we found this combination to not be one anyone would want to buy

#5 Rosemary 3 gtt, Spearmint 6 gtt, Orange 3 gtt – we found this combination to be very nice and unique.

We unanimously chose #5 and decided to dub it “Confluence” in honor of the chapter’s name and the combining of 3 scents to create it. The soap will be yellow with green swirls.

After we finished up the scent blends/choosings, Kathryn took us for a tour of her beautiful gardens. The patio garden displayed a variety of mints as well as climbing plants on rustic grapevine arbors; the front gardens hosted a variety of pollinator attracters as well as many medicinal herbs tucked between. The meadow and woodland edge gardens contained a variety of wild species including a variety of Hypericum (St. John’s wort), Prunella vulgaris (all heal), Solidago spp. (Goldenrod), as well as milkweed, blackberry, black raspberry, sumac, Sambucus nigra (elderberry), Solomon’s seal and more. At the top of the meadow, we were able to view the entire valley below, quite a beautiful scene!

Our next meeting is August 15 at 6pm at Elements Herbology in St. Charles, MO. Please try to attend this meeting as we are wanting to make a variety of tea blends, etc. to sell at the upcoming Festival of the Little Hills on August 19 – 21.

We will be filling out a volunteer sheet to run the booth at this meeting as well. If you cannot make the meeting and would like to volunteer a shift, please contact Andrea Jason Miller.

Chapter scent/ products

Hello! As of now the next chapter meeting is scheduled for this Sat 7/23/16 3p, at Kathryn’s (directions can be found in the comment of the June meeting minutes). The plan is to pick a soap scent and discuss chapter specific products to be sold at fairs, festivals, conferences, etc. We will be making these products at the August Chapter meeting and selling them at the Festival of the Little Hills. I have room for 6 people in my vehicle if anyone wants to carpool, you can respond on here, message me, text, call, and the like. 636-734-6435, futurefarmer81@gmail.com