GCHG Chapter meeting: August 15, 2016

Members Present

Kristine Brown – AHG general member
Amanda Canete – AHG general member
Andrea Miller – AHG general member
Nancy McCoy – AHG general member
Bekah Getz

Not much was discussed at this meeting. We made products to sell at the Festival of the Little Hills Aug 19-21 2016.
• Product made include:
o fresh herb infused cooking oil: avocado, olive, and sunflower oils infused with thyme, savory, rosemary, oregano, and sage.
o Sugar scrubs: vanilla lavender, coffee cinnamon, and mocha
o Bath bombs: lavender orange and minty rose
• Kristine and Nancy both made confluence soap (rosemary, spearmint, and orange), Nancy used cow milk, Kristine used goat milk.
• We will be posting a schedule and asking for volunteers to help occupy the chapter booth for the festival
o Hours are: Fri 8/19/16 4p-10p, Sat 8/20/16 930a-10p, Sun 8/21/16 930a-5p.

Next meeting is 9/19/16 location TBD