GCHG Chapter Meeting 9/26/16

GCHG Chapter Meeting September 26, 2016
Members Present

Kristine Brown – AHG general member
Michelle Hrebec – AHG general member
Amanda Canete – AHG general member
Angie Abernathy – AHG general member
Andrea Miller – AHG general member
Laura Hutchinson – AHG general member
Dani Gallagher – AHG general member
Lois Zollner – AHG general member
Nancy McCoy – AHG general member
Elisa Thomas
Danielle Johnson
Lauren Waters
Bekah Getz
AHG Chapter Meeting & Herbalist Self Care Day
• September 26 · 6:30 PM
• Art Healing Center
For our September chapter meeting we did a self care day with Dr. Tiffanie Jones ND and massage therapist Kayci Combs Lueker.
Tiffanie Jones, ND presented on nutritional blood analysis. She explained the process and usefulness of this diagnostic technique then offered analysis to anyone interested for a discounted price of $25 (regular price is $75).
A bit about nutritional blood analysis:
A single drop of blood is placed under a high powered microscope and viewed together on a monitor screen. This educational tool is used to visualize size, shape, and aggregation of red blood cells. Other things may be visualized such as spicules, yeast, fungus, bacteria and parasitized cells. This helps to give an understanding of:
– Oxygen carrying capacity associated with energy level, stamina, and concentration – Immune system status
– Digestive problems
– Nutritional deficiencies
In addition to Tiffanie’s analysis, massage therapist Kayci Combs Lueker will be offering 10 minute massages for $10 each. Limited space is available for both offerings, we will have a sign up sheet available the day of the event but please let me know if you are interested in advance for either or both of these services so we have a rough head count of how many are wanting to partake in the fun.
About our presenters:
Tiffanie A Jones ND
Tiffanie worked in the St Louis natural health industry for 14 years. Her desire to help others led to 5 years of medical training at Bastyr University in Seattle, WA. She has become a traveling doctor and provides naturopathic care for all ages, in a space free of judgment.
Kayci Combs Lueker B.A., L.M.T., B.C.V.T.
Kayci has 10 years of massage, reiki, and bodywork experience as well as in-depth study of biodynamic cranial sacral techniques. One of her goes is to provide support for the primary caretakers in our community.