January 2019 Meeting Minutes

Attendees –
Kristine B.
Bekah G.
Nanci M.
Sarah A.
Alex B.
Kathryn C.
Catherine C.
Belinda S.

Goals for 2019-

We’d like to bring in a speaker or two this year if possible. Current idea for a guest speaker is Matthew Wood. If anyone has anyone else they’d suggest we’re open to it!

Fundraising Ideas –

We’re planning for a one day herbal summit for Herb Day (May 2) 2020. Details will be released as things are decided. There is also a potential a mid Missouri herbal conference in collaboration with the Herbalists Without Borders chapter in Kansas City. Also a calendar for 2020 is in the works. Along with the calendar would be an herb of the month. Each month will have a different medicinal plant native to Missouri & Illinois with a discription for each, either a drawing or a photograph, and a recipe using that herb. Plans are to have this planner ready and rolling by June 2019. The goal is by the February meeting to have a list of plants decided on.

Also by the February meeting, logo designs! If you’re artsy and would like to help come up with a logo for our local guild please have it ready by then. Our full name is The Gateway Confluence Herbalist Guild if that helps inspire any. With the logo we’re hoping to make some T-shirts and possibly collaborate with Andrea of Boomerang Bags to make some awesome tote bags! Our signature Spearmint, Orange, & Rosemary scented Confluence Soap will be revived as well! Also we’ll be rolling out business cards and posters in the near future.

Future Meeting Ideas –

A camping trip to the McCully Heritage Site has been tentative planned for October 19 & 20, 2019. Again more details to follow as plans are officially made. The May guild meeting is planned to meet at the same site for a work day and a plant walk.

Other ideas for guild meeting are at Shaw Nature Reserve and Hillcrest Heirlooms for a work day building an herb garden. We are always open to more ideas!

We’re also going to start an Instagram account for the guild! If there’s any content you’d like to see on it or have photos to share let us know!

Key points –
– Planner design & logo design next meeting
– February meeting is at Belinda’s house, more info on our Meetup page.
– March 12th meeting is at Confluence Kombucha, again more info on the Meetup page.
– April 14th Meeting is in Pontoon Beach, more details on our Meetup page
– May 19th meeting is at McCully Heritage Site, more details on the Meetup page. Planning to meet at the site by 11am.