April Meeting 4/14/19

Kristine Brown
Nanci McKoy
Bekah Getz
Kathryn Chapman
Kitty Chapline
Sarah A.

Finances: we have earned a whole 5ยข from dividends.

Monthly Planner Project Updates:

Sarah A. Will be working on January – Culinary Sage and Amanda J. will be tackling December – Pine.

Nanci has volunteered to start looking for publishers.
Kathryn will be proofreading.
Bekah will be editing and compiling.

Please use the template file that is posted to the page here and reupload it for compilation.

We’re wanting this calendar to be about 5″x7″ and we’re also wanting to add a glossary of herbal terms too it as well.
We’ll be looking to print about 250-300 planners in case anyone else is looking into print shops.

Holistic Living Guide:
We’re wanting to create a holistic living resource guide for the St. Louis area. The idea is similar to that of SoIL’s, but more targeted for our area. More details to come.

Matthew Wood Update:

The selected date for Matthew Wood to visit us is July 20 & 21! The chosen class is the muscular and skeletal system. More to come on tickets and location as they come.

HerbDay 2020 Updates:

It has been decided that it’ll be free to the public, vendor fee’s will be $50, and we’re looking into creating sponsorship levels for the event.

Also a document has been started on the FB group page here to start keeping track of potential costs. Things like presenters pay, insurance, site fees, other programs, food, etc.

There is another doc. started for Vendors, as well as for the Kids Zone, and Sponsorship Levels

So far the schedule layout is as follows.

  • 1hr class with 30 minute breaks in between classes.
  • There will be a keynote speaker
  • 3 sessions

Stayed tuned for more updates to all projects and upcoming events!