February Meeting – 2/17/19

Kristine B.
Bekah G.
Nanci M.
Belinda S.
Kathryn C.
Catherine C.
Jaden B.

First things first we’ll be emailing out to everyone on our contacts list, a copy of the contacts list. If you’d like to be added to this please DM Kristine by February 28th.

Thanks to Marc our website has been renewed for the year!

We’re still waiting to hear back from Matthew Wood about coming to the area for a class.

Nominations for Guild Chapter Officers will be posted by March 1st. In a separate post to the Facebook group after this, the positions will be defined and explained. Then below you can nominate yourself or another for a position. Positions will then be decided at the March meeting.

The May work day at the McCully Heritage Site is official now! We’re still awaiting confirmation for the dates in October.

A couple of other ideas for fundraising were discussed, Coloring Postcards and even the idea of an herbal puzzle.

Weekly Planner Updates

It’s been decided that it will be a perpetual calendar covering beginner herbs. Each month covers a different plant. Each week will have a different information section per week.
Week 1 – four photos of the plant
Week 2 – monograph, common name, botanical name, energetics, family name, constituents, actions, a brief summary and cautions if any.
Week 3 – Cultivation, harvest, location, and botanical description.
Week 4 – recipes
Week 5 – a place for personal stories about your interactions with the particular plant.

So far we still need five people to volunteer to work on a plant of the month. The ones with question marks behind them are still up for grabs. If you’re interested comment below and I’ll update the list as the spots are filled.
January – Culinary Sage ?
February – Garlic – Kristine
March – Chickweed – Catherine
April – Violet – Kathryn C.
May – Dandelion ?
June – Plantain ?
July – Spearmint ?
August – Goldenrod – Nanci
September – Tulsi – Belinda
October – Turkey Tail – Bekah
November – Rosehip – C
December – Pine ?

Each herbal project that someone takes on should be ready by the April meeting. If you have photos to share of the particular plants for someone to use you can post them to the Facebook page here.

Herb Day 2020 Summit

We’re pressing forward with planning for an herbal summit on Herb Day 2020. (May 2, 2020) It’s still in the planning phase so we need your help with find a location! Plan for 100 people, somewhere within an hour or less of the St. Louis area. We need trails for plant walks, good food options (organic, veg friendly, etc.). As of right now the start time is set for 9am for registration and then 10am for the actual summit.
We also need ideas for classes! What would you want out of an herbal summit like this? If you like teaching, what would you like to teach?

We’ll post another couple of thread in a bit to keep the Planner and Summit discussions separate and organized.

Let me know if I’ve forgotten anything! Thank you all!

Bekah (KnightShade93)