February 19th, 2018 Meeting Notes


Kristine – President

Amanda – Vice President

Nanci – Treasurer

Bekah – Member

Sharon – Non-Member

Sarah – Non-Member


It’s that time! Time to vote for officers for the year! We’re looking for nominees for the rolls of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The idea of rolling the positions of VP and Secretary into one position called VP-Sec was discussed. To nominate yourself or a friend, you must first be a registered member of the AHG. If you are! Proceed to our Facebook Group page, Gateway Confluence Chapter of the AHG, or email nominations to amanda.canete87@gmail.com. We’ll have one week to nominate and one week to vote!

In other news, we’ve decided to pass on events this year. We’ll be bringing in guest speakers and focusing on bolstering our ranks! So far Lisa Rose has agreed to teach a class but the time and date are still being worked out. Check back for updates!

Also with regards to guest speakers, Active Members have the perk of attending for free. Active, here, being defined as having attended 5 meetings in the last year or have participated in 5 activities; volunteering for events, product making for events, or hosting meetings. Non-Active AHG Members will have a reduced price.

Next month on March 19th, we’ll be doing an herbal gift exchange to honor the coming of Spring! Please RSVP on MeetUp (link at the top of the page) by March 5th, 2018 so everyone can see how much product to make to be sure everyone gets something to take home and enjoy! You can make soap, bath bombs, scrubs, lotions, potions, balms, tea blends, infused honey, and the like.

An idea for income for the guild was discussed about making a deck of flash cards with local medicinal plants. The front would be a photograph of the plant and the back would have a bit of information and possibly a recipe utilizing that plant. Again more information on that as the details are worked out.

More to come here as the year carries on!