Confluence Herbal Summit

Our first raffle and table at the Confluence Herbal Summit was a huge success!

A huge thank you to Andrea for all her work in setting up the booth, making a sign and manning the booth. A huge thanks also to everyone who donated for the first basket!

The basket and booth raised over $260! Considering there were only about 60 people at the summit, that was an amazing sum. The Earth Day event will have a much larger crowd so the potential for raising a lot more is there.

On Saturday, April 16 she is doing it all over again at the Nature Institute’s Earth Day event. If you would be inclined to donate items to another raffle basket and/or items to sell at the AHG booth, please bring them to the meeting on Wednesday night.

Andrea has also put together an educational demonstration for the booth to teach the public about herbs. If anyone else would like to join her for the day, that would be great. Unfortunately, I will be out of town so I cannot.

March 28, 2016 Meeting Notes

GCHG Chapter meeting: March 28, 2016

Members Present
Kristine Brown – AHG general member
Rebekah Dawn – AHG general member
Michelle Hrebec – AHG general member
Kathryn Chapman – AHG student member
Amanda Canete – AHG general member
Angie Abernathy – AHG general member
Andrea Miller – AHG general member
Laura Hutchinson – AHG general member
Dani Gallagher – AHG general member
JoAnna L. Castle – new attendee
Ivona Blazevic Aholt – new attendee


  • Kristine has been in contact with AHG and our petition is in process. Once accepted, we will be classified as a 501c3 non-profit organization.
  • Angie brought a book to share: National Geographic Guide to Medicinal Herbs: The World’s Most Effective Healing Plants
  • If you haven’t found the Facebook page here is the link:
  • We will have a table at the Confluence Herbal Summit on 4/3/16 with a basket raffle. If you have something to contribute you can still add it at the Summit.
    • The tables will not be open during the classes so nothing will be missed by manning the tables. We believe the tables are provided and set up on the porch.
    • Ticket prices for the raffle will be $1, or 7 for $5
    • Feel free to bring items to sell at the table. Some items mentioned include but are not limited to: teas, salves, herb kits, hats, herb seedlings, recipes.
    • We have a temporary sign and flyers as well as an educational herb display.
    • We will also have a booth at the Riverbend Earth Day Festival 4/16/16, 12-6pm at Piasa Harbor (booth reservation has been confirmed with Amy Curry at TNI):
      • We will have a basket raffle with ticket prices being $1, or 7 for $5. We are hoping to make this basket larger than the one used for the Herbal Summit as last year’s festival saw nearly 800 visitors.
      • This is a 12’x12’ booth space that will be assigned to us prior to the event.  We may set up our booth between 10a – 1145a and need to provide our own tables, tent/ canopy, and chairs. It is close to the river and can be windy. In the event of rain the festival will be moved inside a building at Piasa Harbor.
      • We are strongly encouraged to offer products and services that keep with the spirit of environmental responsibility; think recycle, reduce, reuse and resource. The Green Guidelines of the event suggest:
      • Having an email sign up sheet for interested participants rather than handing out multiple paper flyers.
      • NO PLASTIC BAGS PLEASE! Use  newspaper, paper bags, or reusable bags.
      • As an educational, non-profit booth we will have the educational herb display, puzzles and coloring pages for kids, and herbal recipe ideas.
      • This festival offers a lot of potential for us to build our chapter funds and also to get the word out about any individual products or services anyone has to offer, so please bring items to sell.
      • The Riverbend Earth Day Festival is a free event with live music, paddling, fishing, disc golf, hiking, hands-on informational booths and workshops, nature related arts and crafts, electronic and plastic pot recycling, tree plantings and lots of tasty food offerings; bring family and friends, spend time with them and help out at the booth for an hour or two.
      • Flyer will be posted on FB page and website.
  • Topics for future consideration: 
    • Possible T-shirt making day: Amanda has a printer and we discussed each bringing a T-shirt that we could print a design on.
    • Do we want a group logo? Any artistic members interested in design collaboration? We are currently using the AHG logo.
    • Group retreat weekend to Steelville, MO including plant walks, camping, sweat lodge, etc.
  • NEXT MEETING: Monday 4/25/16, location TBA.

Confluence Herbal Summit


Join local Herbalists, Growers and Nutrition Practitioners in a day of herbal learning.

Topics covered include native plant identification during Woodland Plant Walk & Prairie Hike, native medicinals, edible weeds, medicinal herb gardening and tea gardens,herbal health for families,  food as medicine, whole body healing, botanical illustration, tincture making, salve making, tea blends, fermented herbal sodas, meditation and much more. An organic salad luncheon will be provided with local greens and wild greens.


Crystal Stevens, Kristine Brown, Rebekkah Dawn, Amanda Canete, Colleen Smith, Sam Stolle, Lety Murphy

Crystal Stevens received her Master Materia Medica from ACHS and has been teaching herbal workshops for over a decade and co-manages La Vista CSA Farm. She trained at the Healing Arts Center as a Massage Therapist and received her Reiki Mastery there as well. She is a blogger for Mother Earth News and contributes to Overgrow the System, Free Range Child, Permaculture Magzine, Grit Magazine, The Healthy Planet and FEAST Magazine. Her book, Grow Create Inspire will be published this fall by New Society Publishers. Crystal is passionate about edible landscaping, wild harvesting, edible weeds, composting, companion planting and spending time with her family in nature. Grow Create Inspire has many resources for the local community. La Vista Farm is a great local source for produce grown without pesticides.

Kristine Brown is a practicing community herbalist, wife and currently homeschooling 2 of her children. Her formal studies began with Rosemary Gladstar of Sage Mountain and have been ongoing ever since. In April 2015 she began a mentorship with Leslie Alexander, PhD., RH (AHG). She writes the popular monthly children’s herbal PDF publication Herbal Roots zine, offers an herbal product line through her website, does consultations, teaches medicine making classes and runs a monthly herbal study group, focusing mainly on locally found herbs, enabling the community to take control of growing and wild crafting their own medicine. She also has also developed a herbal goat milk soap and herbal product health care line, The Smelly Gypsy, which can be found online, in local stores and at various festivals throughout the year.

Rebekah Dawn has been making and using Simple plant medicine for 20 years, learning with fellow students everywhere she goes. She has apprenticed with Susun Weed and has had the opportunity to learn from many amazing teachers. Rebekah lives at Labyrinth Gardens, a United Plant Savers botanical sanctuary, with her family where she offers plant walks, medicine making classes, drum circles, and Friend’s meetings. Rebekah has a special interest in End of Life care. She is an artist who sculpts clay using inspiration from nature and from plant medicine.

Colleen Smith currently lives in the Ozark hill land of Missouri, near the head waters of the Courtois Creek. She home schools her three daughters while gardening and wild-crafting a wide variety of plants. Colleen owns a small local business that offer handcrafted teas, salves, and essential oil blends. She also offers land consultations, workshops, and plant walks. Colleen is constantly reminded of the abundance the Earth provides for us all. She has a degree in horticulture and studied herbalism in Silver city New Mexico for four years. She continues to educate herself through books, lectures, and experiences. Her goal is to bring plant power to the people and develop a consciousness of land stewardship in The Ozark Region.

Lety Murphy is a Labor Doula & Certified Childbirth Educator, Lactation specialist, Certified Aromatherapist & Herbalist. She has studied holistic living, healing, nutrition, herbal medicine and aromatherapy for many years. In addition, Lety is the creator of two online courses called Sacred Scent- online Aromatherapy courses and Sacred Tea. She also is the owner of a Peacefulheart Essence- Herbals & Aromatherapy. She holds a a Masters degree in Public Administration & Policy Analysis-emphasis in health care policy with an Undergraduate in Sociology and is currently studying to become a Holistic Nurse. Now her mission is to help people (mostly women of childbearing age through menopause) through consultation, product & supplement creation and referrals, support and education.

WHEN: Sunday, April 3, 2016 from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM (CDT) – Add to Calendar

WHERE: The Nature Institute – 2121 S. Levis Lane, Godfrey, IL 62035

To sign up, go to the eventbrite page. AHG CHAPTER MEMBERS GET A 50% DISCOUNT.

February 28, 2016 Meeting Notes

American Herbalist Guild
Gateway Confluence Chapter (IL/MO)

February 28, 2016

Members Present
Kristine Brown – AHG general member
Kathryn Chapman – AHG student member
Amanda Canete – AHG general member
Angie Abernathy – AHG general member
Andrea Miller – AHG general member
Laura Hutchinson – AHG general member
Sue Steinmann – AHG general member
Dawn Kohlmann – AHG general member
Mark McCoy – new AHG general member
Lois Zollner – new AHG general member
Dani Gallagher – new AHG general member

Things Discussed

  • Need to elect officers @ next meeting: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer
  • Confluence Herbal Summit on April 3. Opportunity to make a raffle basket for earning money for Chapter. Possibility of setting up a booth too, members can bring items to be sold for Chapter.
  •     Amanda will supply tickets for raffle
    • Andrea has picnic basket for basket
    • Others will bring herbal related items to donate for the basket raffle to next meeting
  • First annual herbal conference in area to be held in fall 2017. Details forthcoming as they are available.
  • Kristine will start a Facebook group and make several folks as admin.
  • Another option for a fundraiser, having a booth at the Riverbend Earthday Event. Kristine will be out of town but others are willing to run booth.
    •     Plants to sell
      • Chip in items to sell
      • Educational items/theme to qualify for $10 educational booth
  • Starting next month, one person will bring a book to share with the group about herbalism or alternative healing.
    •      Angie will bring a book to the next meeting
  • Ideas for future meetings
    •      Field trip to Kathryn’s house to tour her garden
      • Dani teach a class on making kombucha
      • Secret Santa in November with Herbal Goodies

American Herbalist Guild Guideline Concerns

  • Officers need to be elected next month.
  • Our petition has been signed and submitted. Possibility that not all folks on list are members as they forgot to sign up. Please sign up immediately so our application won’t be rejected.

Next Meeting- Monday, March 28  7:00 pm  @ Elements Herbology in St. Charles, MO

  •     We will plan for the booth, put together the raffle basket
    • Book discussion by Angie

January 24, 2016 Meeting Notes

American Herbalist Guild
Gateway Confluence Chapter (IL/MO)

January 24, 2016

Members Present

Kristine Brown – AHG general member

Crystal Stevens – AHG general member

Rebekah Dawn – AHG general member

Kathryn Chapman – AHG general member

Angie Abernathy – AHG general member

Andrea Miller – AHG student member

J. Elisa Chapman – new AHG general member

Laura Hutchinson – new AHG general member

Samantha J. Stolle – new AHG general member

Sue Steinmann – new AHG general member

Mark McCoy – new AHG general member

Nancy McCoy – new AHG general member

Lois Zollner – new AHG general member

Dani Gallagher – new AHG general member

Things Discussed

  • Mark McCoy has generously offered to create a website and host it for us
  • Unanimous vote to name the chapter Gateway Confluence Herbalist Guild
  • Kristine Brown passed around a paper to gather AHG member signatures for the petition
  • How will we raise money for our chapter?
    • Plant swap/sale
  • What will we do with the money we raise?
    • Host speakers
      • Who would we like to host?
        • Matthew Wood, 7song, jim mcdonald
      • Things to think about:
        • Cost of the speaker
        • Ticket sales
  • Ideas for future meetings
    • Case studies
    • Plant walks
    • Different traditions of herbalism (TCM, Ayurvedic, Western, etc)
    • Use of invasives as medicine
    • Herbal gardens, what to plant
    • Distillations (Crystal Stevens has a friend who could do a demonstration)
    • Medicinal mushrooms
    • Does & Don’ts of herbal medicine/formulating safely
    • Herbal lookalikes
    • Field trips: Missouri Botanical Garden, Shaw Nature Preserve

Proposed Monthly Meetings for 2016

February 28 @ 3pm – Laurel’s house

March 28 @ 7pm – TBD

April 25 @ 7pm – TBD

May 23 @7pm – TBD

June 27 @7pm – TBD

July 25 @7pm – TBD

August 22 @7pm – TBD

September 26 @7pm – TBD

October 24 @7pm – TBD

November 28 @7pm – TBD

December 26 @7pm – TBD

American Herbalist Guild Guideline Concerns

  • When can officers be elected?
  • Our petition has been signed
  • Geographic boundaries have been decided- All of Illinois and Missouri with an emphasis on the Gateway region (St. Louis)
  • We will receive $10 per member annually from the AHG once we are established
  • The  group will submit an annual report

Next Meeting- Sunday, February 28  3:00 pm  @ Laurel’s house

  • Everyone bring an uplifting herbal remedy to share with the group