February Chapter Meeting

Our second meeting!

We will discuss updates on filing the petition, voting for President, Secretary and Treasurer and upcoming events that may be of interest.

Also, our theme for this meeting is “Uplifting Herbs” so bring your favorite uplifting herbal concoction whether it be food, tea, cordial, spray, etc. to share with the group.

We will be meeting in the basement of the Collinsville Library, in the Community Room.

Also, a HUGE thanks to Marc McCoy, he built us this awesome website. I’ll begin updating it with meetings and gatherings as we plan them.

January 24, 2016 Meeting Notes

American Herbalist Guild
Gateway Confluence Chapter (IL/MO)

January 24, 2016

Members Present

Kristine Brown – AHG general member

Crystal Stevens – AHG general member

Rebekah Dawn – AHG general member

Kathryn Chapman – AHG general member

Angie Abernathy – AHG general member

Andrea Miller – AHG student member

J. Elisa Chapman – new AHG general member

Laura Hutchinson – new AHG general member

Samantha J. Stolle – new AHG general member

Sue Steinmann – new AHG general member

Mark McCoy – new AHG general member

Nancy McCoy – new AHG general member

Lois Zollner – new AHG general member

Dani Gallagher – new AHG general member

Things Discussed

  • Mark McCoy has generously offered to create a website and host it for us
  • Unanimous vote to name the chapter Gateway Confluence Herbalist Guild
  • Kristine Brown passed around a paper to gather AHG member signatures for the petition
  • How will we raise money for our chapter?
    • Plant swap/sale
  • What will we do with the money we raise?
    • Host speakers
      • Who would we like to host?
        • Matthew Wood, 7song, jim mcdonald
      • Things to think about:
        • Cost of the speaker
        • Ticket sales
  • Ideas for future meetings
    • Case studies
    • Plant walks
    • Different traditions of herbalism (TCM, Ayurvedic, Western, etc)
    • Use of invasives as medicine
    • Herbal gardens, what to plant
    • Distillations (Crystal Stevens has a friend who could do a demonstration)
    • Medicinal mushrooms
    • Does & Don’ts of herbal medicine/formulating safely
    • Herbal lookalikes
    • Field trips: Missouri Botanical Garden, Shaw Nature Preserve

Proposed Monthly Meetings for 2016

February 28 @ 3pm – Laurel’s house

March 28 @ 7pm – TBD

April 25 @ 7pm – TBD

May 23 @7pm – TBD

June 27 @7pm – TBD

July 25 @7pm – TBD

August 22 @7pm – TBD

September 26 @7pm – TBD

October 24 @7pm – TBD

November 28 @7pm – TBD

December 26 @7pm – TBD

American Herbalist Guild Guideline Concerns

  • When can officers be elected?
  • Our petition has been signed
  • Geographic boundaries have been decided- All of Illinois and Missouri with an emphasis on the Gateway region (St. Louis)
  • We will receive $10 per member annually from the AHG once we are established
  • The  group will submit an annual report

Next Meeting- Sunday, February 28  3:00 pm  @ Laurel’s house

  • Everyone bring an uplifting herbal remedy to share with the group