January 24, 2016 Meeting Notes

American Herbalist Guild
Gateway Confluence Chapter (IL/MO)

January 24, 2016

Members Present

Kristine Brown – AHG general member

Crystal Stevens – AHG general member

Rebekah Dawn – AHG general member

Kathryn Chapman – AHG general member

Angie Abernathy – AHG general member

Andrea Miller – AHG student member

J. Elisa Chapman – new AHG general member

Laura Hutchinson – new AHG general member

Samantha J. Stolle – new AHG general member

Sue Steinmann – new AHG general member

Mark McCoy – new AHG general member

Nancy McCoy – new AHG general member

Lois Zollner – new AHG general member

Dani Gallagher – new AHG general member

Things Discussed

  • Mark McCoy has generously offered to create a website and host it for us
  • Unanimous vote to name the chapter Gateway Confluence Herbalist Guild
  • Kristine Brown passed around a paper to gather AHG member signatures for the petition
  • How will we raise money for our chapter?
    • Plant swap/sale
  • What will we do with the money we raise?
    • Host speakers
      • Who would we like to host?
        • Matthew Wood, 7song, jim mcdonald
      • Things to think about:
        • Cost of the speaker
        • Ticket sales
  • Ideas for future meetings
    • Case studies
    • Plant walks
    • Different traditions of herbalism (TCM, Ayurvedic, Western, etc)
    • Use of invasives as medicine
    • Herbal gardens, what to plant
    • Distillations (Crystal Stevens has a friend who could do a demonstration)
    • Medicinal mushrooms
    • Does & Don’ts of herbal medicine/formulating safely
    • Herbal lookalikes
    • Field trips: Missouri Botanical Garden, Shaw Nature Preserve

Proposed Monthly Meetings for 2016

February 28 @ 3pm – Laurel’s house

March 28 @ 7pm – TBD

April 25 @ 7pm – TBD

May 23 @7pm – TBD

June 27 @7pm – TBD

July 25 @7pm – TBD

August 22 @7pm – TBD

September 26 @7pm – TBD

October 24 @7pm – TBD

November 28 @7pm – TBD

December 26 @7pm – TBD

American Herbalist Guild Guideline Concerns

  • When can officers be elected?
  • Our petition has been signed
  • Geographic boundaries have been decided- All of Illinois and Missouri with an emphasis on the Gateway region (St. Louis)
  • We will receive $10 per member annually from the AHG once we are established
  • The  group will submit an annual report

Next Meeting- Sunday, February 28  3:00 pm  @ Laurel’s house

  • Everyone bring an uplifting herbal remedy to share with the group